Does Michael’s Program Really Work Or Is It A Scam? Find Out My Honest Review

Text Your Ex Back is a break through in mending relationships using psychology with text messaging. This program is a step by step guide that will teach you conversation methods. Tools that give you the proper things to say in order to have your current or ex partner respond to you in a positive manner. It has short lessons how different men and women act and react in daily situations.

What is Text Your Ex Back Program?

text-your-ex-back-reviewText Your Ex Back is basically a relationship coach/adviser to keep in your cell phone that has been proven to help couples succeed in creating a loving,thriving,well deserved relationship with an ex partner in just 60 days.

Text Your Ex Back is truly a unique product. Compared to others in its category this program is relatively easy to use while being less expensive than any mediation or counseling. What stood out to me about Text Your Ex Back was its capability to succeed even for couples who had been separated for months if not years.

I could see that no matter how great the damage to the relationship this program has a precise guide telling how to handle it. Text Your Ex Back prepares you for situations most people are hesitant to approach. For instance, your ex is ignoring you entirely while the common response from any therapist, life coach or mother would be telling you to move on that you’re only hurting yourself.

Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back Overview

Text Your Ex Back is prepared for your ex’s behavior with texts that will knock down that negative wall in their mind. Causing them to want to communicate with you , and miss you.

This program was created by world-famous, best-selling author and relationship coach Michael Fiore. For those of you that are unaware of Michael’s specialties which include intimacy, romance but most importantly communication.

Who Is Michael Fiore?

who-is-michael-fioreHe has been seen on the Rachel ray show, CBS, Fox, and more all talking about his success with creating Text Your Ex Back and  his “text the romance back” program as well. Michael has worked with broken-hearted singles to married struggling couples desperate to find a turn around.

Finding the boundary breaker people everywhere are happily falling back in love or texting their way towards it. The tools to rebuild a battered past are now simple step’s in the palm of your hand. With Michael Fiore there’s an experience level you can really trust.

Why You Need To Text Your Ex Back?

Why do you need Text Your Ex Back? There aren’t many programs out there that poses the right tip’s and techniques to pull a broken relationship back together as quickly as this does.

This program does everything for you. There’s no pressure , you’re not paying 100 dollars a trip to visit the therapist. Also Text Your Ex Back is fun it allows you to enjoy the mystery and adventure of discovering new things about an old partner.

The best part is you’re doing all the from the comfort of your cell phone. No matter where you are this can be used. People of all ages can use this. Text Your Ex Back is the tool to get it right every time.

The benefits of this small investment are worth so much more than you actually pay.

Text Your Ex Back teaches you actual psychology methods used by therapist that help you understand yourself ,your needs your emotions as well as your partner’s better than you ever did. Text Your Ex Back literally gives you a whole new foundation to build that relationship.

You and your ex become able to let go of the past and move forward without holding any grudges or negative emotions.

This program allows you to over come that stress of saying or doing the wrong thing. Most importantly brings the one you love back into your life giving you that second chance.

Does Texting Your Ex Work?

Looking through a lot of questions and comments I see this pop up a lot and the answer is yes this program does work very efficiently actually. The key is following the steps correctly.

For instance, some people find that the “no contact phase” is most difficult so they’d prefer not to follow through. Though its tough these people don’t realize that could and usually does hurt the chances of a positive result coming of using this program simply because they didn’t follow how the guide was tailored to their situation.

Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back Core Concepts

textgirlThe techniques Text Your Ex Back uses are valued by many relationship advisers and coaches everywhere because of the fact that it has been working so successfully. As long as you follow the concepts, watch the videos, read and apply the guidelines Text Your Ex Back provides yes this program works.

Michael has said in his reviews that this program s for people deeply in love looking to get a second chance at a meaningful relationship with that special person. This isn’t for people just dating around and shouldn’t be used if you were in an abusive relationship.

This program creates custom specific texts for you and your ex that if used correctly will have your ex missing you like never before. These messages are designed to positively impact your ex’s reaction to you. Text Your Ex Back has been successful with doing this time and time again and my current relationship is a true testament to that.

Text Your Ex Back strategies once being used usually start taking effect in the first few days in most cases an e will respond to the first text. This program is full of techniques , secrets, also answers too many questions people have about relationships.

There goal is to bring your ex back not the picture to the picture giving you and your ex the happiness you deserve. This isn’t a scam at all this is a well-developed system that helps people fall back in love.

Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back Core Concepts


The techniques used in this cutting edge program are most effective. These texts message quickly get a person to drop that mental guard and let you in. From intimacy booster texts that arouse that sensual mind to “from virtual to physical ” where you can have them wanting to set up for coffee or diner in just days.

Truth is most of the words communication is done through websites like or establish the by using everyday used items such as a computer, IPad,but most commonly used is the cell phone.

Meaning throughout the day your ex is already on their phone just waiting for a simple text from you. Its been proven that 8 out 10 people would rather answer a text message then a phone call.

Text Your Ex Back took that information and used it ,this had fantastic results people having intimate conversation with ex’s or wounded partners becoming closer with every message. This product one of a kind because it is the first program to take science of the brain, psychology,and couples counseling and bend them to create these techniques that are proven to affect our emotions and help restore relationships with something as simple and common as a text message.

Text Your Ex Back Product In Detail

No other program can offer can give you complete privacy, there’s no paying a stranger to watch you feel uncomfortable while you sit there and tell them all your problems. This can be used in bed, at work, even on the go without paying for it every time you need a suggestion.

Video Tutorials

There’s a text or video for every problem or topic of question. Also Text Your Ex Back is connected to Facebook and twitter for those who want to share their support or for that flirty wall post that gets your ex’s attention.

Now I’m going to give some specifics as to what exactly comes in get your ex back. When you begin Text Your Ex Back there s going to be a forum connected to Facebook,this forum is basically the place everyone goes to chat about their experiences and be a support system for one another through the duration of this program.

Also this features a recording of Michael Fiore talking with a women over the phone that had used this after her and her fiance had split up because of him cheating on her. This women also touches on how common t is for people to skip the no contact for 30 days rule and end up unhappy.

Effectiveness Of Michael Fiore’s Techniques

This women shares her story of how well Text Your Ex Back worked for her and how happy she has been since using this program. Once your past that there are 11 modules for you to get familiar with i won’t tell them all but i will name a few.

  1. The introduction-this teaches us ways to deal with our hurt after a break up.
  2. The dumper and The dumped-though hard to accept this where Michael talks about he reasons people split up and helps to handle those conversations we have with ourselves because of a beak up.
  3. Planting the seeds-these are intimacy texts that make your ex feel closer to you before you even see each other .

To get started with using read through everything. If you’re thinking about using this program you should gain as much knowledge as possible about it. Most importantly sit down and reflect on your relationship with your ex.

Try to figure out what it was that went wrong, what may have happened to negatively impact your relationship causing a separation . Being completely honest and genuine is crucial. The steps and techniques in Text Your Ex Back concepts and secrets only work in your benefit if your answers are real.

How Would You Benefit From This Program?


Every relationship is different and this program not only see’s that but they accommodate that factor. There are lists of things that may contribute to the falling out of your relationship answering these questions gives Text Your Ex Back a window to see into your life. The detail you give them about yourself is what structures your custom texts, as this happens there will be a list of tasks provided that you’ll need to fulfill as a person in order to have your ex begin falling back in love with you.

Text your e back also provides core concepts which you should take seriously study and practice. I have used these concepts myself with great results. Remember that your relationship was not always easy therefore the process of these concepts may not come as a walk in the park.

There are 5 Core Concept’s in this program that you must follow through with to get your e where you want them. One is understand your past relationship is dead and gone move on from it. Also there is forgiveness on both ends, I found this difficult at times although it was life changing even outside my love life. The most powerful concept would be teaching yourself you don’t need them which gives you an enormous sense of self-confidence.

Another concept is being able to start dating,most people never feel comfortable with this step so just remember that this concept is temporary. The goal of Text Your Ex Back is always to have you end up back with your ex. final step is don’t rush things be patient everything will happen in due time.

What Does Text Your Ex Back Aim To Accomplish?

Text-Ex-GirlfriendText Your Ex Back aims to do a few things. One is to teach people the vital concepts mentioned through out my review. Also building your confidence up both mentally and emotionally. It is important to Text Your Ex Back that we all end this program a better happier person.

Text Your Ex Back wants to perfect your communication with your ex partner allowing the pair of you to make a connection that won’t reflect on your past as a couple. This programs goal is to keep the one you love in your life rather you’re fighting to get them back, or fighting to keep them with you.

What I Like About Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back Program

What i personally liked about Text Your Ex Back was that it wasn’t one of those programs that try to change you into someone else. Everything is already figured out for you so there’s not racking your brain trying to come up with what to say or how to act. You simply read and follow the tip’s and tools.

The steps are easily understood while any questions are answered in the guide and Michael Fiore’s videos on Text Your Ex Back web pages. Not having to wait for this program to show up in the mail was a definite plus for me. The minute you purchase this product it downloads straight to your cellular device.

Being that this program is down loaded to your cell phone there is no worry of anyone seeing or knowing what you’re doing. Text Your Ex Back is discreet and private to keep you comfortable rather than embarrassed or nervous.

What I Didn’t Like About The Program

Genuinely speaking I had no dislikes or issues with the program. The whole thing was well mapped out,modules and concepts weren’t hard to grasp. Although there’s the “30 days no contact phase ” which is pretty self-explanatory. 30 days of no contact when you believe you may have the tools to rebuild that relationship you want back is hard. I completed the thirty days in the end winning a happy relationship.

Though there are may people who attempt to skip that skip as mentioned in other reviews ending in a negative result. With that being said i do urge everyone to complete this phase no matter the excitement  you hold. This crucial step allows us to sit back and assess the situation, calm down, and truly ask ourselves if we really want this person bed in our lives. A difficult but necessary step that does work to your advantage.

New Multimedia Private Membership Format

I’d also like to add that there is a new multimedia private format membership.  Take advantage of this membership by getting access to things such as “the green-eyed mister text” which is effective but dangerous. Or the emotional honesty texts which talk about the type of texts you will be receiving from your ex and how to handle them.

Every answer you need in the subtle form of a text message. Text Your Ex Back websites have tons of information, reviews, forums, and more that able you to judge for yourself.

Money Back Guarantee

There’s no commitment to Text Your Ex Back because this program offers a money back guarantee that says if you’re not happy with the purchase what ever the reason may be, rather it didn’t work, you want to try something else, or it worked quickly leaving you opportunity to send  back you can and will get your money back.

The money back guarantee lasts for 60 days . Michael Fiore offers this because if you use it right by following the guidelines you simply won’t want need to send it back. In most cases people end up keeping the program to look back on if in need of a suggestion.

Testimonials,Users’ Reviews & Feedback – What Others Have To Say About This Program?

Text Your Ex Back wants to make sure you understand that you are safe using this product but basically saying “hey if it doesn’t work you can return it no questions asked listed bellow are some websites you can visit to find other feedback, testimony or reviews of current or past Text Your Ex Back users. those buttons.Com -  Where well established author Rod Phillips has an entire website detected to Text Your Ex Back.

Www.rebel mouse.Com – a site full of common questions and answers includes information about other Michael Fiore’s products as-well.

Www.facebook.Com/Text Your Ex Back review – This site has additional information about the PDF e-book.

Each of those websites contain honest accountable  information from real people who have used Text Your Ex Back. Use these sites to gather up your own perspective or share your opinions either way I recommend people curious about the product or currently using it too visit the listed web pages.

My Final Thoughts

Over all this a great investment the price is just 47.00 online downloading straight to your phone in minutes. The methods used in Text Your Ex Back were developed by a couples behavior expert. This program is easily used there’s a video for everything you literally can’t go wrong with using the product.

With a 60 day money back guarantee there is nothing to lose. Text Your Ex Back IS NOT a scam  it is saving relationships everywhere mine was one of them. The only way this is going to fail for you is if you don’t complete the steps correctly,skip stages,or are using it for the wrong reasons.

I am encouraging couples friends and family to try Text Your Ex Back you should too so what are you waiting for?

Please visit the Text Your Ex Back home page and listen to Michael’s video for the real deal at (

Thank you for reading